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10 Tips for Booking a Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist

Top ten things to consider when booking a hair and makeup artist for your wedding

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. As a bride you want to look beautifully polished whilst looking and feeling like yourself. Moreover, it’s important to wear makeup that enhances your natural beauty so you feel really confident and can put your best foot forward walking down the aisle.

Here are my top ten things to ensure you make the best possible choice:-

1. Look at their style of work

Does it represent your style? Look at their portfolio and examples of their work on their website, Google and social media pages. Frequently, they will add examples of their particular style of work to Pinterest, which is a fantastic tool for any bride designing and organising their wedding.

2. How experienced is the artist?

How long have they been in their profession, what have they worked on, who have they worked with? Have they been recommended by someone that’s had a very good experience? Check out the testimonials on their website, what experiences have other people had?

3. Every artist should offer a trial or consultation.

Most reputable hair and makeup artists offer this service within the package which will help you

decide whether they are the best for you or not. You can use this to gain a better insight of the artist’s skills and their ability to deliver the desired style you’re looking for because this will help prevent any disappointment.

4. What products do they use?

While there’s no doubting that the skill and talents of your selected hair and makeup look at the products they carry in their kit ? Are they good quality, high end products that will give you the best finish on the day that in mind, it’s essential to run through their products lineup, making sure they are of a high enough quality to achieve the look you want.

5. Are they certified and what qualifications do they have?

Good artists will have a good level of skill and experience. Qualifications and courses in hair and makeup artistry assure their commitment to honing their skills and professional aptitude.

6. Are they insured?

You only get one shot at your big day, you can’t afford to take any unnecessary risks. That’s why you need to hire a hair and makeup artist that has insurance to cover any eventuality. Both public liability and products liability insurance covers them if they accidentally inflict any damage to you, your bridal party, or the venue, so make sure they have both.

7. How professional are they?

First impressions count so how a hair and makeup artist interacts with you and how long they take to respond should feel you with confidence and reassurance. Bear in mind that you will be sharing the morning of your wedding day with this person so it’s also important that you feel comfortable around them and also feel assured they can deliver on your special day.

8. Examine the quote

Review your quote thoroughly. Look at what your quote includes, so for example, cost for assistants, any travel costs, trial costs and extras costs for lashes or hair accessories.

9. Cheaper is rarely better!

Ideally, you should allow for a realistic percentage of your budget for your hair and makeup, which will be reflected on the service you receive. Don’t look back at your wedding photos and regret that you didn’t feel and look your best!

10. Where are they based?

Some makeup artists are prepared to travel across counties and travel to destination weddings inside and outside the UK. However, they will include this in their travel costs, which will invariably also factor in time dedicated to your wedding, and will need to be aligned with your budget. Do you require for example the hair and makeup artist to travel to where you are preparing for your big day or will you need to visit their salon? Work out what works for you and your wedding.

If you would like more information, including availability or prices, or would like to book a trial for your wedding, then please contact me

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